The Galena Volunteer Fire Department operates out of two primary stations, Station 81 on Mt. Ranch Road and Station 82 on Callahan Ranch Road.  GVFD works in conjunction with the Nevada Division of Forestry and supports their paid department.  Galena is located in District 8 in the NDF response area and responds with the career personnel out of Station 8, which is located off of State Highway 431, the Mount Rose Highway.

The district services a variety of rugged mountain terrain, residential structures, golf courses, a high school, and a number of recreational areas including the Mt. Rose Ski Resort.  The scenic and winding Mt. Rose Highway links Reno to beautiful Lake Tahoe and is heavily travelled by area residents and tourists.  

The department maintains, houses and responds five pieces of emergency apparatus:

Engine 81

1983 FMC/VANPELT Type 1 4WD Engine with a 1500GPM Hale Single Stage Pump

Squad 81

1983 GMC 4WD Light Rescue, equipped for medical emergencies, vehicle extrication, and miscellaneous rescue and support functions.

Patrol 81

1991 Chevrolet 4WD Patrol with 120GPM Auxiliary Pump

Brush 81

1968 6x6, 4WD Brush Engine/Water Tender with 1600 gallon water tank and 300GPM Waterous Auxiliary Pump.

Brush 82

1975 International CDF Model 10, 4WD Type III Brush Engine.

Squad 81 is due to be donated to the Snake Valley Volunteer Fire Department in Baker, NV on the Nevada/Utah border upon receipt of our new Rescue Apparatus.  Our new Rescue is a 2005 F550 Crew Cab, 4WD rescue vehicle which, along with our current medical and extrication tools, will provide additional scene lighting and SCBA bottles and airpacks.  The new rescue is scheduled to be in service in March 2005.


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